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National table tennis kicks off in Guiyang

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-07-03


People compete fiercely in the competition. [Photo/tyj.guiyang.gov.cn]

The Guiyang leg of the 2024 "Li-Ning & DHS Cup" Chinese Table Tennis Association Membership League was held in Guanshanhu district on June 28. The event attracted 1,000 athletes from 22 provinces and cities, spanning various age groups.

At the competition venue, the atmosphere was tense and lively, with spectators' cheers and shouts of encouragement echoing throughout. The players were fully immersed in the matches, showcasing their impressive skills through powerful attacks and clever defenses.

The three-day event featured four categories: men's singles, women's singles, men's team, and women's team, which were further divided into 12 groups based on age and gender.

"We hope that hosting this event in Guiyang will promote the development of table tennis in the city and teach players from across China about Guiyang," said Yuan Hua, director of the Mass Fitness Department of the Chinese Table Tennis Association.

"The atmosphere at the competition site is very energetic. The weather in Guiyang is quite cool, and we plan to tour the city for a few days after the tournament," said Cai Fengnan, a player from the Shanghai Jiaping Table Tennis Club.

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