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Main responsibilities of Guiyang Bureau of Sports

Updated: 2024-05-24

(1) Carry out the guidelines, policies, laws and regulations of the Party and the central government on sports work; formulate policies covering municipal sports work.

(2) Manage the city's sports work, coordinate the development of sports and promote the reform of the sports system; formulate and organize the implementation of the mid and long-term development plans and annual plans on sports work.

(3) Issue the national fitness program, encourage mass sports activities; supervise the implementation of national standards for physical training, promote the establishment of the national physique monitoring system, cultivate sports instructors and supervise and manage public sports facilities.

(4) Carrying out the Olympic Glorious Program, formulate and implement the municipal development plan on competitive sports; coordinate the organization of competitive sports projects, guide sports training, develop city-wide sports competition systems and strategies, organize city-wide sports competitions; implement the technical rating system for athletes, referees and coaches.

(5) Plan and promote the development of youth sports.

(6) Organize international cooperation and exchanges on sports; implement centralized management.

(7) Carry out sports science research, promote advanced and applicable sports achievements; participate in the qualification review of the city's professional and technical sports posts; check and approve the city's sports organizations.

(8) Manage municipal sports funds; coordinate the layout of sports facilities in the city.

(9) Formulate plans and policies to develop the municipal sports industry, standardize sports service management, promote sports standardization, and develop the sports industry.

(10) Train sports administration talents and sports professionals, and develop sports education.

(11) Promote military-civilian integration, conduct poverty alleviation and development.

(12) Increase investment in science and technology, improve the level of scientific and technological innovation, provide guarantees for innovation-driven development.

(13) Ensure safe production and fire safety in the department and the industry.

(14) Promote the development and application of big data and promote standardized management, sharing and government data resources development.

(15) Undertake other tasks assigned by the CPC municipal Party committee, the municipal people's government and the higher-level departments.

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